What to expect

We seek to love and live like Jesus! Learning to follow Him in everything is our aim. Our hope is that others might come to know the great depths of God's love that has been shown through Christ's life, death, and resurrection. Come join us as we seek to grow in the depths of God's love together!

When we Meet

Sunday Mornings

10:30 AM

Sunday Evenings

6:00 pM

What To Expect

When it comes to parking, we want you to know that we have plenty of room and that our parking lot surrounds the front and side of the church along Nurses Lane. We have handicap-accessible parking available to those who need and are willing to help in any way we can. If you need assistance in entering the building then please contact us and we would be glad to assist you.
Church Entrance
We have a few entrances, but this is the main one in case you were wondering! If you find yourself making your way through it then we will be excited to greet you... and that's if we didn't catch you before you made it inside. Once inside, you will find the sanctuary straight ahead and the restrooms down the hall to your left... just in case you need to take care of any unfinished business

Sunday Morning Worship
On Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM, we join together to fellowship and worship together in song and the teaching of God's Word, the Bible. Following an opening prayer, the worship team leads in singing a few songs, and then have a speaker, usually David Thacker, who shares a message from the Bible for about 30-35 minutes. We then close in song and prayer led by the worship team. Typically, Sunday Morning Worship finishes around 11:30 AM.
Child Care
When it comes to child care on Sunday mornings, we do not have a nursery service at this time. However, we do have a space where children can play at the back of the sanctuary with various activities, games, and toys including coloring utensils and puzzles. Parents are able to sit with their children nearby if desired. We have a similar option available for Adult Bible Fellowship on Sunday nights. We understand that kids can "occasionally" be a little loud and rowdy. Okay, who are we kidding? Kids are kids. We know that. Jesus cared very much for children and we do to. Just know that it's okay if they are present during our meeting times.

If you're wondering what is "appropriate" to wear then just know that there is no pressure to "dress to impress". We seek to have welcoming hearts, like Jesus Christ, and to provide a family-friendly environment for all. Our focus is not on the appearance of individuals, but on the need of our hearts... which only He can fill. If you were to visit on Sunday mornings, then you would find that most choose to come in casual and semi-formal attire. We seek to worship authentically which begins with a person's heart and we would never want someone's attire, or need, to prevent them from meeting together with us. On Sunday nights and other meeting times, you will most likely find everyone in casual, day-to-day clothing.

Coffee and Tea Bar
OH NO!!! You forgot your coffee in a hurry out the door? No worries. We provide a coffee and tea bar with creamer, mints, hot cocoa, and more for those who enjoy those sorts of simple pleasures. Grab a cup and maybe catch some conversation too while you're at it. But, if you need to finish your coffee first then that's okay too. We understand.

Adult Bible Fellowship
On Sunday nights at 6PM, everyone is free to bring finger foods and to enjoy a meal together before meeting to discuss the message from Sunday morning. The focus of the discussion is personal learning and takeaways from the message, as well as, a time to share any questions or prayers that one has. Children have an area where they can play and be monitored within the same room if needed. Students grades 6-12 are encouraged to join the teens in the Student Ministry that meets at the same time.

Student Ministry
Led by Youth Pastor Frank Cline, the Student Ministry meets after eating together, with the church, at 6PM on Sunday nights and enjoys a time of hanging out, studying the Bible, and playing games. For grades 6-12, it's a good time and can get a little wild. That's the warning for those who dare to come. On Wednesdays, the youth also meet in small groups. See Frank Cline with any questions about the Student Ministry.

How To Contact Us

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